The power of “why”

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested” E. M. Forster

Passion+for+WorkDear Friends,

Have you ever experienced a week in which you touched so many people simply by doing what you love and what you are passionate about?!

We have! And what a week we had! So much has happened…We can proudly say that ‘that was the week that was…It was a week of NLP events & talks in Nis, Serbia organized by a progressive and visionary team at the Momentum Strategies Coaching, and crowned with the most amazing Momentum NLP Diploma weekend!

There is something very special that happens when you participate in a high quality NLP course. We both remember very well our first NLP trainings many years ago… We spared no expense, and went to, at what at the time was, the best NLP training in the world – Dr. John Grinder’s in California and that of the other co-founder, Richard Bandler’s NLP training.

Since then we have sort of divided our lives into two periods: before we were exposed to highly competent NLP – training, and after.

And then, quite a few years later, when we started delivering our own trainings, one of the most gratifying feedback has been exactly this, that our own students have found the trainings to represent revolutionary milestones in their lives, resulting in deep changes of how they perceive themselves, life and other people. On that note, this weekend we delivered a Momentum NLP Diploma course in Serbia, and one of our participants put it this way: “It has opened a whole new dimension in life”… This comment, we take as a compliment, since it usually takes a practitioner course and in some cases a master practitioner course, where you learn the ground skills in NLP to get to this sort of shift.

The question we would like to explore here is what is this shift that comes with a high quality NLP training?

Sometimes a part of it is as simple as opening yourself up to a representational system which previously was not accessible to you. To understand the magnitude of such a shift, just imagine life without conscious access to one of the systems!

But there is also something else. To have a sequence of experiences which enable you to sense the underlying structure of experience. To gain a set of deep understandings as to why people act the way they do. And to acquire a set of tools to influence yourself and others to get more choice in your life.

You see, it is not always about the money – both of us have other alternative and more efficient ways of getting an affluent lifestyle that we have, and our competitive prices show that! It is more about that we are passionate about what we do, and love to make a difference that matters. Whether this difference appears in the coaching of an individual, helping that individual to find the strength to overcome career challenges, the focus to enhance artistic performance, the ability to improve athletic performance, the openness and confidence to connect with a member of the opposite sex – or whether it appears during trainings where people learn a set of skills that they can use from day one to self sufficiently take charge of their own lives, to achieve what was previously thought impossible, or to assist others in making important changes and overcoming seemingly difficult challenges whether these are in the realms of careers, relationships or other important life areas.

With this in mind, may we invite you to think about all those moments where you were inspired and did something out of passion, out of pure desire to make a difference! Stay with that sensation for a while and notice what happens…Life is never the same, once you experience the power of sharing your passion!

Wishing you a wonderful week, and sending you oceans of love,

Your passionate trainers,

Thomas and Lidija


Lidija Markovic– NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Thomas Björge– NLP Trainer, NLP Coach(Classic & New Code)

© Momentum Strategies 2013

P.S. Feel free to check our Momentum NLP Serbia Facebook Group and our Momentum Strategies Coaching Facebook Page and join us with comments, experiences, ideas and all things relating to NLP personal growth and expansion!!! We are here for you!

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