How to Stop Procrastinating – Starting Tomorrow

‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone’ ~ Pablo Picasso

Dear Friends,

Has it ever happened to you that you are drawn to the realm of procrastination? To that safe and well known place of tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or even next month…

I am sure it has… If it hasn’t, feel free to knock on the door of self-delusion, see if you could find it there:-)!

And in those I-will-do-it-tomorrow situations, did you notice how you are, albeit for a split second, overwhelmed with the feeling of total joy? I say split second, as that is the approximate duration of that illusion of joy! Why? Because the guilt is lined up and ready to step in. And guilt rarely travels alone… It takes with it its trusted companions: criticizing internal dialogue and shame! It (procrastination) makes more friends as it travels further towards the looserville :-)!

It is a common misconception that procrastinators are lazy! They are not! Procrastinators are overwhelmed by imaginary exertion and a failure to think about thinking!

And the key is in this thinking about thinking stuff! You see, procrastination is all about choosing… Going for ‘want’ instead of dragging your feet with ‘should’, as let’s be honest here- you don’t have a plan for those times when you can expect to be tempted;-).

Those people who talk about working great under pressure and tight deadlines, are kidding themselves, and are living in the world of self-delusion. How can you be great at something without a clear strategy?! Without a strategy you are like a headless chicken, always rushing, complaining and getting into the victim mode. There’s hardly anything great about this!

One thing that is rarely considered though – procrastinators should get a lot of credit for being hard workers. Procrastination is a hard work! A bit like that of Sisyphus –  the Greek chap whom the gods punished by having him roll a boulder up a mountain … only to have it roll all the way down whenever he approached the top, so that he had to do it again and again ad infinitum.

When you procrastinate you tend to go like this: Ah, I should do this, and then you imagine doing it in such a way that you exhaust yourself before you’ve even started. And then you give up! And the boulder rolls down the mountain. But it doesn’t end there. You will have to remind yourself later on again: ‘Ah, I really need to get going!’ and then you exhaust yourself with your own imagination again in that painful and futile struggle to overcome certain internal obstacles, and so on, again and again, ad exhaustium.

And herein lies one of the causes of procrastination – inability to imagine what you want to accomplish and what you must do in a way which makes you want to do it, in a way that is compelling.

When you get a chance, feel free to do this useful exercise – Think of yourself as your now-you and your future-you. Your now-you needs to create a structure which makes it easy for your future-you to make the right choice.

If your now-you thinks that you ought to get fit, starting tomorrow evening and when tomorrow comes your future-you compares the effort starting to get fit in some unspecified way with watching your favorite TV show, chances are, the TV will win.

If on the other hand your now-you makes concrete arrangements that will make your future-you act with your long term interest at heart, e.g. you phone the gym and sign up for sessions with a personal trainer, the future-you will have no choice but to deal with this by going to the gym, as the commitment in the form of payment has been made.

Some people get the strategies for making good decisions, setting goals and making them happen with their mother’s milk. The rest of the population has to learn them.

Just as there is a yin to every yang there is a good side to procrastination. Good procrastination can be obvious things like saving up a bunch of bills and paying them all at the same time, because you then get them done in less time than if you do them individually. Good procrastination is when you don’t prepare your presentation months in advance but only during the week leading up to it. Partly, because you don’t have to rehearse it before delivery, and partly because you get to prepare it by picking up good ideas as you go along.

Wouldn’t it be great to start devising a strategy to outsmart yourself and move away from the world of self-delusion and empty promises?! We invite you to take some time to go over all the things you’ve been leaving for another day, month, year, to get that calendar out, set the dates and commit to whatever it is you really want! Stop postponing your life, and start living! It’s easy! Get in touch with us, come and see us, let’s meet and devise those strategies together. We are here for you!

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,

Your pragmatically proactive trainers,

Lidija and Thomas


Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Thomas Bjørge – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

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The superimportance of self-confidence

‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself!’~ George Bernard Shaw

Dear Friends,

You have probably, by now, thought, spoke, read and heard about the importance of self- confidence. You also, have, as a result of an instant surge of it (self-confidence) fulfilled some or all of of your dreams, followed up on your decisions, stood up for yourself unafraid of your authenticity and sure of what you want and how you want it.

The significance of having self-confidence for everything we do in life is super important. Others treat you, according to how you project yourself.

But how does one go about getting self- confidence? How come some people have the world at their feet and everything they set their eyes on they get, and find it very easy, and for others it is nothing but struggle?! Simple.

Those who have it have worked on creating it. They are not waiting for some magical genetic wand to appear where the self- confidence will be unleashed from their DNA chain :-).

True, some people are born with lashings of self-confidence, while others are left to their own devices and need to learn it. Yet, what is important is that it is available and can be learnt! And it is easy!
Here’s how!

First of all, let’s start by allowing ourselves to admit that at one time or another in our lives, we’ve all had some kind of achievement, a successful event we remember and that we are proud of.

So let this be the first step in your quest for self-confidence. Allow all your successes, achievements, moments of glory to roll and overflow your mind. Breathe them in. Bring those moments and see them, feel them, hear them in your mind’s eye. Feel free to write them down if it’s easier for you. You’ll notice that the more you do this, the more confidence you’ll start to experience in every field of your life.

While doing this, and letting the movie of your successes roll, it is important to let go of the need to focus on failures, moments when you weren’t operating at your optimum! Let go of regrets, disappointments, modal operators of ‘should’ve’, ‘could’ve’… Instead, write them down and cross them over, one by one. They don’t belong in the present moment, they reside in the realm of the past and that’s where they should stay. Pick up the learnings from them and everything that you may find useful in the present moment and move on.

Focus on what motivates you, what pulls you, what rocks your boat, what juices you, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to roll. Find out what it is that motivates you, and do it. Every day. Without fail. Create a ritual that will lead you to your greatness.

Soon, you will notice that you have crossed the bridge and that you are on the other side. On the side of those who achieve effortlessly, who walk on the shoulders of giants and not in the shadows of giants. Soon, you’ll hear your voice, your own voice of self- confidence and trust. You’ll sound differently. Notice the words you use. The way you communicate.

It’s all good stuff!

With this in mind, may we ask you to use this week to start creating rituals that will lead you towards your confident self, using the steps listed above.

We wish you a confident week and send you oceans of love,

Your oozing-with-confidence trainers,

Lidija and Thomas

Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)
Thomas Björge – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Copyright © Momentum Strategies 2013

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Keep Calm and Carry on…Stress Free

‘Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.’ ~ Buddha

keep-calm-and-let-the-stress-go Dear Friends,

Does it ever happen to you that you find yourself in an environment that is conducive to stress?

Please note what happens when you read the following sentences, which could very well be headlines from common mainstream media or some of the brochures that you see flying around in hospitals, medical centres, health clinics, etc: ‘Combat stress!’ ‘Fight stress!” ‘Learn how to control your stress!’

There’s something inherently wrong with the above sentences … As all of them have got ‘the wrong’ wording in them, that sends the wrong signal to your Unconscious. How can you combat, fight, beat, defeat, control something and expect a better result? Is it not a common knowledge, that the more we fight something the more it tends to come back and haunt us?

There is also another cringe worthy concept. That of ‘stressors’! ‘Stressors’ are defined as part of the environment which cause stress in the human organism. This is like the doctor in Moliére‘s play ‘The Imaginary Invalid’, explaining how opium made people sleepy by containing a dormitive principle. In other words, this is nonsense! To say that the environment CAUSES something in the human organism, rather than to understand that the human organism RESPONDS to it is to apply the logic of dead physical systems in the world of the living.

So how about we change the way we talk and think about stress? How about we focus on here and now?! As being here and now will ultimately take care of the stressful situations, as opposed to fighting or combating them, where our focus is directed to preparation for a ‘fight’  :-).

How will being here and now take care of the stress, you may ask? Simple. When you direct your attention to the present moment, to what is going on around you, you’ll relinquish the need to react, and will choose to respond, by being aware of all the resources you have available. As you see, with a cool head, with calm mind, you will learn to respond and not react. Animals react, people respond.

When you start loosing your cool, and start getting in a flap, you’ll instantly find yourself at the effect, and will stop being at cause. And we know that once we are at the effect of things, we stop responding intelligently.

So when you find yourself in a ‘stressful’ situation, look around you, and inside of you, and within a moment, you’ll have diverted your focus and attention to you and what you can do to make the situation better. You’ll start getting into a ‘HOW’ mode, rather than a ‘WHY’ mode….WHY creates a victim and takes you away from yourself, HOW leads you to a solution, and to your inner resources…

Sometimes a stressful environment is part of a vicious circle, and you are the other part. The fact that you choose to respond with stress creates an environment that is even more conducive to stress. For example, it is common to attempt to flee or fight stressful situations. This is not necessarily the best long-term solution. Consider what it would be like if you were to be Joe Cool, acting with the utmost coolness in those situations. When you start to enjoy them, what will be the effects of that?

With this in mind, may we invite you to start routinely finishing stressful situations by cleaning up your nervous system. On a piece of paper, write down everything that is currently occupying your mind, and leave that piece of paper at your desk; then you can forget about it until you return to look at it.

Secondly, take some time to relax. Consciously. Tighten and relax your muscles. Breathe slowly and deeply. Taking in a peaceful environment. Look at a candlelight, the sky, the moon, the stars. (If you need to burn off some adrenaline, take a brisk walk first).

Thirdly, while you enjoy the rest of your time, take some time to give yourself permission to just be. As none of the above will make any sense, if you don’t give yourself permission to be!

And remember the anecdote about the westerner who asked a tai chi master how to use tai chi for dealing with a stressful work environment. The master laughed and said: ‘No, no, no – you don’t use it to deal with a stressful environment – you use it to get away from it!’

As always we send you oceans of love and wish you a peaceful and stress free week,

Yours cool as a cucumber trainers,

Lidija and Thomas


Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Thomas Björge – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Copyright © Momentum Strategies 2013

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Besplatno predavanje o


i prezentacija NLP – holističkih radionica

će se održati 28. februara 2013. godine, od 12,00– 14,00 sati u RPK Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta br. 10

Da uspešno ovlada i prevaziće svakodnevne životne izazove, a pri tom očuva psiho-fizičko zdravlje, savremenom poslovnom čoveku su u tome neophodne nove tehnike i pristupi.

Neurolingvističke startegije su prava tehnologija ličnog razvoja, koja donosi promene i omogućava život bogat izborima, podstiče na stalno učenje i razvoj, a urednom i disciplinovanom primenom NLP obrazaca, postiže se veoma lako i brzo napredak i izvanrednost u bilo kom području života.

Na ovom predavanju, kroz nekoliko jednostavnih i lako primenjivih NLP procesa, predstaviće se način promene sebe na bolje, koji doprinosi da odnosi sa drugima budu što bogatiji i raznovrsniji, a komunikacija uspešnija. Čućemo i kako da odolimo stresnim situacijama, i da ih usmerimo da one rade u našu korist, a mi da kontrolišemo situacijom. Fokus je na primenjivom znanju (sa kognitivnog na bihevijoralno).


Jednostavnost NLP-a i mogućnost višestruke praktične primene na svim poljima života, od porodice, do karijere, preko sporta, do kreiranja uspesnih timova u kompanijama daje odlične rezultate kao što su:

– Povećano samopouzdanje, smanjenje unutrašnjeg dijaloga, (najčešćeg uzročnika stresa), odlučnost, spremnost da se autentično kaže NE, bolje liderstvo, originalnije upravljanje, sigurnija i direktnija komunikacija sa samim sobom i sa zaposlenima, spremnost za postavljanje poslovnih i ličnih prioriteta i životnih ciljeva, očuvanje energije za postizanje većeg učinka, veća motivacija u timskom radu i spremnost na inicijativu kod svih članova tima…

Predavanje će održati: Lidija Marković – Rosati, NLP trener, strateg za maksimalne učinke, (više na

Zbog velikog interesovanja, potrebno je unapred prijaviti prisustvo. Predavanje je besplatno za sve učesnike!

Kontakt osobe za prijave i dodatne informacije su:  Jelena S. Stankov: 021/48 020 85, i Jasmina Limoni: 021/48 020 77, .

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Let Your Real Self Please Stand Up

‘Human beings are not born once and for all on the day their mothers give birth to them, but … life obliges them over and over again to give birth to themselves.’ ~ Gabriel Garcia Márquez


Dear Friends,

Above the door of the ancient oracle in Delphi (and the slightly more modern oracle in the movie Matrix) stood the words gnōthi seauton, meaning Know Thyself.

Ultimately, this of course is impossible – there will always be a difference between the real world and our experience and knowledge of it.

So, if we cannot have an accurate self description the question beckons: what is a good way of organising our thinking about who we are? The answer to this lies in looking at the function of the self image.

But before that, let us have a look at that word: Self Image.

Some people know themselves through making a picture of what they look like. Others know themselves by what they say to themselves about themselves, and others know themselves through feeling what they are. The difference is not trivial and carries with it a key to understanding: just imagine how radically differently you would experience yourself if you exchanged the way you represent yourself with someone who experience themselves through another sensory channel.

Your self concept guides your behavior in the world. It guides what you expect will happen. It guides who you will become.

Your self concept creates a filter through which you experience yourself. If you are not aware that you are attractive for example, you will miss the incoming data saying that you are, and only notice the incoming data that fits with what you already believe.

And it is in human nature to meet the expectations of others. These will of course be influenced by your expectations of yourself.

So here is a question for you. If you could just simply wave a magic wand, what self concept would you create for yourself?

It is of course too complicated to deliver a full course on how to change your self concept within just one article, but we would like to invite you to try the following: imagine for a moment that you already had the qualities you want to have. Maybe you would like to be authentic, congruent, aligned, strong, attractive, honest, incorruptible, successful, proud or humble – what qualities you want to develop you will of course have to decide for yourself.

And start imagining for a moment. If you already had the qualities you want to have:

How would you know that you had them? What would you see, hear and feel to let you know that you had them? How would you think of yourself to let you know that you had them?

How would others know that you had them? What would they see, hear and feel to let them know you were a person of that calibre? And how would they react to that and how would they treat you differently?

Spend some time regularly doing this, because as you might know, the greatest secret is that you become what you imagine yourself to be.

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,

Your self imagining trainers,

Lidija and Thomas

Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Thomas Bjørge – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Copyright © Momentum Strategies 2013

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What is the next step? Upward, not just forward!

What is the next step? Upward, not just forward!

 ‘We must be champions of change, because the only other alternative is to be victims of change.’ ~ Philip Mirvis

shellDear Friends,

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you were trapped in a hamster wheel; no way out, going nowhere no matter how fast you moved … This is an important point, as many times and very often we find ourselves maintaining what we once created and never really took the time to see it from different angles and like scientists do, inspect our product’s efficiency, quality and sustainability. This often happens when we invest energy in maintaining and keeping ‘safe’ what we have once created.

There is very little joy and development and progress in maintaining the existing. The secret and joy lie in creating and developing and constantly improving.

If all you ever get from putting an extra hour of effort into one of your projects, is a proportional amount of work done, the only way to accomplish a magnitude more lies beyond the border of exhaustion. And that, of course, is no way to live a life. And a life without variation, a life of just living the same week over again and again, while the seasons change outside is … well, shall we just say – you deserve betterJ.

For some people – like artists, the constant lifelong development of skill is part and parcel of what they do. The violoncellist keeps improving her technique on a daily basis throughout her life. The painter keeps improving his eyes. The actor continuously improves the distinctions regarding how to use his body, his voice, his emotions, his Self.

I was speaking to a programmer once, who said: ‘When I program, the important thing is not the product of my programming, but how I program myself during the process; what skills I acquire, who I become. I could perform my work duties without really developing my skills much, and then I would remain the same  throughout the years. But going about it slightly differently I continuously increase my skill level.’

Development is essential. Most of the time, most of the people spend their time and energy working within an existing framework and running around in circles. In the best case scenario, they copy their own actions, thoughts, work from previous weeks, or in the worst case scenario, they copy other people’s actions, thoughts, work…

It is like the first barber in a town who never made an effort to invest and develop his services. Partly because he was the first and as such had no healthy competition. So when new barbers started sprouting up, he was more concerned with investing energy and time in maintaining the existing structure, rather than pause and think about HOW to improve and develop his services. Compare this with a worker at the Toyota assembly line, when he spots a problem, any problem, he pulls a string and the entire production line stops, the production team gathers and they find a way to change and improve the process. Or the farmer who finds his cow in a ditch, he spends the first part of the day getting the cow out, and the second figuring out how to prevent it from ever happening again.

So the point we are making here is not about working harder, making that hamster wheel spin an extra round, but about improving at selecting what to do and how to do it. Not by fighting harder, but by learning about tactics, by moving into the realm of strategy.

A symbol comes to mind. You have certainly seen the spirally shaped shells. Each segment building onto the previously existing structure.  Enlarging it. Evolving, creating a meaning, and NOT maintaining the same. To put it simply, would you rather be using your half a kilo old brick mobile phone or are you pleased with the creation of light sleek smart phones?

With this in mind, may we invite you to take some time, once a day (this is IMPORTANT!), to step outside your hamster wheels, reflect upon what you can learn from the last time you were engaged in any process and how to improve that process.

Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,

Your constantly improving trainers

Lidija and Thomas

Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)
Thomas Bjørge – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Copyright © Momentum Strategies 2013

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Overrun by Obstacles or Amazed at the Labyrinth?

20130114LogoFBFurthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have one before us, the labyrinth is fully known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path…where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence.’ ~ Joseph Campbell

Dear Friends,

Has it ever happened to you that you start doing something, start making a headway, and bang… You stop.  An obstacle of some sort appears …?!

This obstacle usually presents itself out of nowhere, as, let’s be honest here, when you set out on your journey of accomplishing that what you want to accomplish, you didn’t plan on having a pain in the backside, aka an obstacle…

A while ago, I mused about the importance on turning labyrinths or mazes, in which we move round in never ending circles, into friendly obstacles … Sometimes this also works! Yet, I got to experience, first hand, how turning obstacles into labyrinths can be very beneficial and can exponentially contribute to the way you view the world, and ultimately to your growth!

You see, when presented with an obstacle, a large number of people on this planet would see it as a problem. And when we see something as problem, we tend to turn back and run away from it, jump the obstacle against all odds, or going around the obstacle, hoping to avoid it…

In my experience, none of the above options work, purely because they serve as a means to ‘overcome something’ quick…And we know that when we do something very quickly, unless it’s a running race, it is short lived, and there isn’t a great deal of learning to be gained nor growth to be accomplished. So we end up going back to square one, i.e. to a place just before the obstacle presented itself.

Labyrinths, on the other hand, are a different story altogether. Labyrinths are fun. They are what children run through for the sheer joy of it. And they always have a way out – if nothing else the way in is a way to get out.

One thing which changes when you start considering something as a labyrinth is that if you take the perceptual position of an eagle or hawk, flying far above it, soaring in the wind, using the fantastic abilities of your hawkish eyes to see the situation from the outside, you can much easier see a way out of it or a way forward. And give superior instructions to the ones who are stuck inside it.

With this in mind may we invite you to consider what you liken different situations in your life with, and explore what happens when you start thinking of them in other terms.

If you think of the boardroom meeting as a battle, note what happens if you start thinking of it as a board game or even as a dance. If you think of the negotiations as a game of poker, notice what happens if you think of them as a game of chess, or even as hopscotch.

Everything unexpected that appears on our journey has a potential to be an obstacle, or a potential to be a labyrinth…How we see it, depends on whether we want to have a quick jump and have an illusion of moving forward, or whether we want to explore and see what we are capable of and what resources we have at our disposal. Some of which are only visible when you rise above your challenges and take a hawk eye view.

Wishing you a wonderful and explorative week,

Your a-MAZE-ing trainers,

Thomas and Lidija

Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)

Thomas Bjørge – NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code)

Copyright © Momentum Strategies 2013

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The power of interpretation

witchyoungwoman‘”You do not have to form an opinion about this matter before you, and might thus refrain from disturbing your peace of mind at all. Things in themselves are not such that they extort a verdict from you.’ ~ Marcus Aurelius

Dear Friends,

How often do you allow one single event, to ruin a series of beautiful events?

This is not a question of the event itself ruining the other events. It is a matter of interpretations. We get caught in them all the time. If we take events like they are, if we abstain from evaluating them or thinking of them in terms of good and bad, if we just think of them as existing, it is clear that events aren’t good or bad. They simply are. However, after we start interpreting them we often evaluate them, which inevitably leads to us judging them.

This means the interpretation of events is an important leverage point for how you respond to those events and how well you handle them.

You have often had the experience while talking with friends, that they have provided you with a new interpretation of events – a new interpretation which either made you sad or glad, which either put a stumbling block in front of your feet or made you more efficient in handling them.

Let me give you an example. I was with a couple of people and one woman was a bit down. A well intended man asked her what the problem was and she went: ‘Relationship!’ He enquired what about the relationship was problematic, and her reply was brief and to the point: ‘No relationship!’ Now, in an effort to be helpful he started to explain about a friend of his who had
become single and during this painful period used it for reflection and came out stronger on the other end. The lady didn’t react very well to this story; she was cringing and looked as if she was in pain.

For some reason I had an intuition about what to say and I said: ‘No relationship is good …’ She looked questioningly at me and I continued: ‘ … It simply means: No one to get rid of, when you find Mr. Right.’ And at this she smiled, her eyes widened, she got plenty of color in her cheeks and sat much taller.

In this case it was just a slight change in the interpretation – according to the first interpretation the state of being single was an invitation to a painful journey of self discovery. (I never understood why it had to be painful!) and according to the other interpretation being single
was just a necessary prerequisite to finding a right partner.

Wit this in mind, may we invite you to start making a very clear distinction between descriptions and interpretations, start noting the effects different interpretations have and start providing your friends and yourself with more fruitful interpretations.

And if you succeed you might end up as wise as Marcus Aurelius, which is not a bad thing. He did pretty well for himself, you know, considering he was just a Roman emperor.

Sending you oceans of love,

Your imperial trainers :-),
Thomas and Lidija

Lidija Markovic – NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code)
Thomas Bjorge – NLP Trainer (Classic and New Code)

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John Grinder och Carmen Bostic St Clair i Amsterdam

20130114LogoFBJohn Grinder och Carmen Bostic St Clair kommer att hålla en kurs i New Code NLP den 22-25 mars 2013 i Holland, Amsterdam. Temat kommer att vara:

Rytm och högprestation!

‘Momentum Strategies’ är stolta över att ha blivit utvalda till försäljningsagent för denna kurs som organiseras av våra kollegor Peter Koijen från ‘In2Motivation’ och Catalina Flore från ‘FitForTheTop’ – de båda utgör ett mycket starkt team som möjliggjort denna fantastiska händelse genom att de lyckats få John Grinder och Carmen Bostic St Clair till Amsterdam.

Du har alltså nu chansen att uppleva medgrundarna av Classic Code och New Code NLP i Amsterdam! John Grinder är en av NLPs medgrundare. Och Carmen Bostic St Clair är en av New Code NLPs medgrundare. –  Kan du föreställa dig något mer välgörande än en långhelg i Amsterdam där du deltar i en NLP-träning med två av världens främsta tränare?

Om du är intresserad av:

– att öka ditt marknadsvärde som förändringsagent

– effektiva sätt att optimera din kropp-själ; sådant som att hantera ohälsosamma vanor, gå ned i vikt, fysiskt och känslomässigt läkande

– fördjupa dina NLP-färdigheter

– effektiva metoder att förbättra dina förmågor och ditt lärande i olika aspekter av din tillvaro för att skapa fler valmöjligheter

Så anmäl dig till detta event via e-mail:
Eller via telefon:
Sverige +46 769 00 28 44,
England +44 7887 984 894,
Serbien +381 64 38 55 255.

Investeringen för denna kurs är € 1600 inklusive moms.
Bonus: Rytm-kväll med spektakulärt slagverk på lördagen 23 mars 2013.

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See John Grinder and Carmen Bostic st Clair in Amsterdam


A Unique Event in Holland

 John Grinder, one of the founders of NLP, and Carmen Bostic St Clair, Co-founder of New Code NLP will be in Amsterdam from March 22 to March 25 to deliver a unique New Code NLP Training with the theme:

‘Rhythm and High Performance’

Extra: Rhythm evening with spectacular percussion on Saturday 23 March, 2013.

‘Momentum Strategies’ are pleased to announce that our colleagues Peter Koijen of ‘In2Motivation’ and Catalina Flore of ‘FitForTheTop’ – a power team and organizers of this fabulous event, have managed to bring John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St . Clair to Amsterdam.

We are proud that ‘Momentum Strategies’ are selected as Sales Agent for this unique event organized by them.

Now is your chance to interact directly with the co-founders of Classic Code and New Code NLP in Amsterdam!

When you are interested in:

-increasing your market value as an agent of change even more

-effective ways to optimize your mind/body, e.g. deal with unhealthy habits, losing weight, physical and emotional healing

-deepening your NLP skills

-effective methods to improve learning performance in different

aspects of your life to create more choices

Then sign up for this event via e-mail

or telephone: Serbia +381 64 38 55 255, UK +44 7887 984 894, Sweden +46 769 002844.

The investment for this course is € 1600 VAT included.


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