Love Thyself

Dear Friends,

These days everywhere we turn, we seem to be surrounded with messages about love, appreciation, self love, pure love, unconditional love..

And our love for all things current, got us thinking about it …

SelfLoveImage‘My willingness to be intimate with my own deep feelings creates the space for intimacy with another.’~Shakti Gawain

What does it mean to love yourself? We are not talking about the narcissistic love of a fake reflection of the self. We are not talking about arrogance or egoism. None of these are actually about loving oneself as one is.

When it comes to self love there is one thing that is often taboo – compassion. Compassion for self. And forgiving. Forgiving yourself. Once we forgive ourselves, we open the door to compassion, appreciation, love. Pure love. Deep love. Self love. And once this happens, it causes a ripple effect. That love emanates from us, to us, to other people, to every aspect of our living and being.

After all, love is the most nourishing of all feelings.

Very often, in working with our clients, we find that they feel they are not deserving of love, they are not good enough, they need to change, they need to meet someone else’s expectations, they need to be and do something in order to ‘earn’ love.

And in hearing this, and witnessing it on regular basis, we couldn’t help but ponder a bit…Is this lack of self love something we are born with, or is it something that was thrust upon us, through family, school, peers, society…

Sometimes, the world acts as if it were a large conspiracy to put the individual down. Commercial interests continuously make money by publishing ads to make people feel not good enough. The entire entertainment business is like a competition among people thoroughbred for beauty. The teachers in school grade you at best because of what you were capable of doing.

But more importantly… Your parents. Some parents love their children for being who they are. Others place hidden demands – I will love you if you do what I want you to do. And unfortunately some parents simply neglect their children. But perhaps the most common neglect is simply the lack of love. And no one calls the social services on a family where the kids are not loved as they should be.

Perhaps this is the key. Imagine the perfect parent. The parent you would love to be. The parent you would love to have had, perhaps? How would that perfect parent love their child – you? And what would happen if you were to approach yourself with that attitude? With the attitude of a perfect parent. By giving yourself, and showering yourself with love, pure unadulterated love, love for self, for who you are, for who you are becoming and blossoming into.

Most people, as a result of not loving themselves, run the risk of searching for love from other people, and often times the wrong people.

Your relationship with yourself will last for as long as you live. So it is one that is wise to invest in.

With this in mind, may we invite you to, as a part of your daily ritual, spend a few minutes to get in touch with yourself, to connect to yourself, to listen to yourself, asking yourself what is it that you need, and what you can give to yourself…. Yes, you! You have a lot to give to yourself.

Go on, dare to love yourself abundantly!

We wish you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,

Your loving trainers,

Lidija and Thomas
Lidija Markovic– NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code), NLP Coach, Life Coach

Thomas Björge– NLP Trainer (Classic & New Code), NLP Coach, Life Coach

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